Scars are a part of the normal healing process when trauma is experienced on the skin’s surface or deep within the layers. The new appearance of a scar or the look of an old scar may provoke one to urgently look for an effective way of minimizing its appearance. One way of doing so is by using AcuScar™! AcuScar™ contains 100% silicone based ingredients which may help reduce the appearance of most types of scars.

AcuScar™ may help with the appearance of these most common scar types:

·         Keloid Scars

·         Hypertrophic Scars

·         Burn Scars

·         Accident Scars

·         Raised Acne Scars

·         Surgery Scars

·         Pregnancy Scars (Cesarean / C-Section)

·         Tattoo Removal Scars

·         Stretch Mark Scars

·         Cosmetic Surgical Scars


If you have been experiencing the unwanted appearance of a scar for a while you may have already looked into the various ways of reducing its appearance. Many individuals may look in to surgery as an option, only to find out it might not be the best solution for their individual scar area. It should be known that there is no proven way to totally get rid of a scar completely, even with election of surgery. So if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a scar revision surgery, or other medical treatment options to help reduce the appearance of your scar you may want to try using AcuScar™.

AcuScar™ is a scar gel comprised of 100% silicone ingredients. Silicone ingredients have been shown to be very helpful in minimizing the appearance of most scar types and results can typically be seen within 8 weeks, of directed use. For best results, AcuScar™ should be applied twice daily, for a minimum of 60 days and if results are still noticeable applications should be continued until results are no longer seen.

AcuScar™ contains 100% silicone ingredients which help to form a block over the applied areas to help keep dirt, debris, and environment irritants away from the scar area. This is ideal for a better healing environment. The silicone ingredients inAcuScar™ can also help to temporarily reduce discomfort, itchiness, redness, and swelling often associated with scars. No matter the size, location, or age of your scar you may find that AcuScar™ can be very beneficial in helping to reduce the appearance within a few short weeks!

If you feel that AcuScar™ is the right product for your scar area and want to start diminishing the look of that scar simply click the Buy Now button below!  AcuScar™ is available for only $49.95 per bottle. You may also take advantage of our Special Offer of Buy 2 bottles, get 1 FREE! That is a savings of over $55.00. This special offer is ideal for those with larger scar areas, or if you have more than one scar.

AcuScar™ is helpful for: keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, burn scars, raised acne scars, accident scars, surgery scars, cosmetic surgery scars, piercing scars, and some of the other most common scar types.

Start diminishing the appearance of that unsightly scar today, with AcuScar™!


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